Why i chose coding?

I used to wonder how computer works. I was in class four when my father brought the first computer home, Pentium 3 processor with 40 GB hdd. I was curious & astonished. Back then computer was a gaming machine and a platform to perform experiments for me. I wrote my first HTML project in class 11  before that i was completely interested in hardware based learning( I burned  a few motherboards and processors in the process of self experimental learning). So my interest changed into writing codes and wrote a few more HTML projects but no one actually encouraged me except my parents because it didn’t help them anyway like fixing their hardware issues did. After 12 I had chosen Computer science engineering in a private engineering college. Journey of  #liveforcoding had begun there though 1st semester was like what the hell is wrong with the syllabus, nothing is related to computer but in the 2nd semester I learned C with great interest, also helped me to realise getting marks even in programming languages, includes oiling teachers. My parents were never bothered about marks so I kept learning but after a certain time I lost interest in C, back then my PC was not connected to internet. I was hopeless then like i had no clue what should I do ? Then it was a normal college day, some seniors came in our classroom  and asked how many of us were interested in learning JavaScript. I enrolled my name in the code campaign named ’50 days of code ‘[Facebook page ]. I developed my first live webpage in git hub [Github link]. Then they introduced me to JavaScript and I developed my first game using JavaScript [Helicopter Game]. I took an internet connection in my home then and started learning new languages online in my laptop, I found several open-source communities which guided me in the right direction in the learning process. At-least  today I am happy. I want to write code as long as I live and I believe that everyone should learn how to write codes to build their online presence in-front of the world otherwise their creativity will die within them.

“when you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create.” ― Why The Lucky Stiff



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