My first contribution to open source

Open source keyboard key. Finger

Finally my almost two weeks’ struggle turned into a fruitful result on 7th July,2017. I was so curious about open source but it was hard to get in because it was hard to find any proper guide about how to contribute to open source after that it was even harder to find a proper project where I could contribute like I was ready to contribute to open source projects but I was unable to find one. After a lot Googling, I found some info on how to search issues on git hub. I was scrolling through the issues for next few days but was unable to find any project, I can contribute. I observed every issue has a label attached to it next thing i did started Googling how to search issues in git hub using labels. I learned how to add labels to filter issues then finally found an issue by freeCodeCamp with a label ‘first-timer’ , it was an easy one just needed an object to be added in their JavaScript  which controls if and how source maps are generated[ Devtool ]. I forked[What’s forking?] the repository and added the object in their Js code base and created a pull request[What’s pull request?], then after a few hours I got a mail from freeCodeCamp that they have accepted my pull request and merged that  into the master branch. It was one of the best moment in my life, I felt like yeah! finally I also became a part of the open source family. In next two days I contributed to two more projects and realised people in open source are really nice and always ready to clear my doubts and helped me in every way possible (Ask questions related to the projects don’t ask anything :P). Anyone like me who wants to contribute to open source but haven’t found any projects yet suggestion(Though I am not qualified enough to give one still hope this will help you) : {

  1. Do read this and listen to the podcast.
  2. Search issues with labels like easy,first-timer,first-timers-only.
  3. Look for issues generated by freeCodeCamp.


In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved. –Linus Torvalds


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